I received a gift from a friend of $5 admission to the beach water park last week. good for the past weekend. The wife didn’t want to go, So I packed the kids in the car, plus a neighbor kid and headed up 71 N. I pulled out $40 from the atm and had a twenty in my pocket so I had $60 to go on. It cost $7.50 to park way out in a field, it was hot out like 90 degrees. good swimming weather. Communal swimming is interesting. 

People’s worst fear, the fear of being naked and wet in public surrounded by hundreds of strangers comes true. I have hang ups abut my body sometimes then other times I have none at all, yesterday was the later. I was surrounded by people I would never see again, I kept hoping I would run into someone to talk to, but people were pretty guarded. which is normal for a swimming environment. If some half naked guy starts to talk to you, it can feel creepy. I would say I saw maybe one or two females who had perfect bodies, the rest were all alittle too fat, too tall, too saggy, too flat, too hairy. I am blessed with an abundance of hair, I have gone to the extremes of shaving it all off, only to have it grow right back. but at this point in the summer I don’t feel like doing any maintenance. 
You start to get numb to it all after an hour or two. I was looking at a lifeguard, she was female about 18 ? she was wearing a very small red bikini. I was thinking, man she is perfect looking, and almost completely naked right there in front of me…  I  felt nothing, no feelings at all about it. Swimming in a pool of cold water has a way of taking your mind off of anything else. Now if I was in a bar and she came in wearing that I might pay more attention, but the surroundings made it almost boring. 
The water park is set up to invoke fear in the person on the slides. you wait and wait for a chance to fly down a hill on a tube, you start to think about it. both of my kids had bouts of fear were they almost couldn’t bring themselves to ride on the rides. I remember having the same problem when I was young. at kings island. then one summer I was over it and never worried about riding rides again, I need to take them back again to help them through it


4 thoughts on “The Beach Water Park review

  1. public swimming areas were always weird to me. giant tubs of water than thousands of strangers swim in all the time, pumped full of strange chemicals to negate the awful hygene of 90% of the american public.

    undoubtedly, a bandaid with a hair on it, or a retainer always washed up to you in giant public pools like that. nothing ruins a nice relaxing ride down the lazy river like a bandaid with a scab washing up next to your innertube.

  2. it helps not to think about that stuff,
    that can be crippling!

    I was on the lazy river, with my son, when he decided to hop out and go on another ride. I thought well I have nothing to do I will keep riding. so I float along and catch up to two couples. they go under this long bridge and kind of slow up. I am thinking I have to get way to close to them to pass by. They were looking at their mates like “hey lets make out under here”.

    luckily there was some steps right in front of me I was able to make a quick escape. but I cold help but think things were going to get very wierd…

    maybe I am paranoid but it felt akward

  3. I was just talking to Oliver yesterday about those steeper-than-steep slides at waterparks. Even the sight of them makes me anxious. I will never ride them. When I’ve talked to people who have actually gone down one of those steep slides, they always say that there comes a point where you are going so fast that you aren’t even in contact with the slide. You are just gliding. That may be someone’s idea of a good time, but I think I’ll stick to the bench.

    When I wear my scrubs to work, no one notices. Maybe I’ll get more complements if I wear them to the waterpark.

  4. i used to be excited about going on the scariest ride, a sort of passage to adulthood… but once I had kids I realized it actually mattered if I died… my kids would be orphans!

    it no longer became fun

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