here is a still life I found on the internet, I don’t even know where. But if you went to Central Academy of Commercial Art in Walnut Hills, Cincinnati Ohio this guy is kinda famous. He started the school and many productive commercial artists came out of his program. Not fine artists but commercial artists. The CA CA program was an intense training in any field of commercial art, It was all studio time, no classes, just 40 hours a week of working in an art studio. Hand lettering – gothic caligraphy, spencerian script, uh expressive lettering, all done by hand with pencil and brush. Super tight pencil renderings of every shape known to man.
Ink drawings,  Guache painting – still life, architectural renderings from blue prints, mechanical paintings and line art, perspective,  Figure drawing from a live model every thurs,  the second year was marker renderings and ad concepts. We created many campaigns and presented them to the class. from a variety of products. It was a very well rounded program the funny thing is many old timers I run into who are still in this business went there making a living doing the same stuff. 
I guess it was never put to us graduates that art was something else, like a political statement or a highly idealized statement of individuality. I always suspected those things growing up, but never have had anyone validate those ideas. So to me art is not about me, it is about creating something people might want, so I try hard to make things people might find interesting. Knowing people really aren’t interested in my personal feelings expressed as color. Nothing is worse than a self indulgent artist thinking he is interesting and talking about his art as being awesome. If your art is really good people should tell you about it. not the other way around. 
if you aren’t getting that feed back you should reassess your process. 
When I make music on  guitar it is really easy to be self indulgent. But most music isn’t interesting notes and complex ideas. the really good stuff is just plain fun. Classical music is really technical and excellent, but it can be really dull. Now is that art? or is it something else?
is “louie louie” art?  what is the point? what is the point of this blog?
see oliver reads my blog, and I think people might be reading this stupid thing and I start to ramble… boring!!!
I apoligize…

13 thoughts on “Jackson Storey

  1. i think art is the perfect place for self-indulgence. altho most of the time no one cares, it can sometimes make you feel better pretending that you have a bunch of people watching you and wondering what you’re doing. perhaps that’s pathetic, but it’s kind of a motivator for me. if i pretend people care, it makes me work a little harder. and perhaps one day people WILL care. my blog tho is for me, and about me. i do it to keep track of my progress and keep me moving. if no one read it, i’d still do it (practically no one reads it now) cuz i do it for me.

    trying to determine what art is is a complete waste of time. it’s entirely subjective and arguing never goes ANYWHERE. too many college afternoons were wasted on the topic. just do what you wanna do and don’t worry about it is what i’d say. indulge away!

  2. Plus a ton of marker work! It’s amazing today that many agency Art Directors can’t draw. They are only as good as the Photoshop tricks that they know.

    • I still to this day work up marker renderings for photoshoots. I am not sure how people can shoot anything without a layout. What props do you buy? what is the angle of the product? My photoshoots go fast and concise because everyone had the same picture in their head. Then when it gets on the mac everything fits.. I have marker recent renderings I should put up here … everything just goes better …

  3. I attended CACA in 1968-1969 after returning from Vietnam. Pop and Nina were wonderful people. Also Virge who taught drawing. I really learned a lot and had a great 40 year career in advertising/design! Loved Pop’s horse portraits. I even have a Pop Storey quote on my website. “Lightest lights against darkest darks.” Thanks for the memories.

    • I have worked with many CACA graduates, they can draw and paint… glad to hear from you, and you have some nice stuff on your web page… your school projects are awesome!

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