(comments under a near perfect basketball illustration 3.11.96)

Once upon a time people left a corrupt nation to start thier own pure nation. Free of corruption, stupid rulers, and general moral decay. Over time those people died and were replaced by corruption, stupid rulers and general moral decay. This is the state of America. Founded on religious freedom, we have met the enemy and it is ourselves. America has become such a personalized society that we can only see our selves.

Case in point. Christians in Russia are working to ban South Park. Now South Park is a funny show. I have watched more than enough of my share. But it is also very crude at best and sometimes outright disgusting. The Hilary Clinton Snatch episode, the “it” episode, almost all of them… Now there are some redeeming values and point of view featured in some episodes, but they are way over the head of any 9 year old. All they see is it is cool to have poop that talks. 
Now the reason I bring this up is the show is on regular all access TV after 12 am. Kids with loose parents regularly let them stay up until then or the kids have a tv in their room so they can see this crap when ever they want. Those same kids can watch Family Guy.
I am one of those parents, now I send my kids to private school and work hard to show them the difference betweeen right and wrong, so I don’t think these shows don’t change there life course.  But I do imagine kids starting to think this is normal acceptable behavior. 
These are the types of things every person has to face every day and make a moral desision about.   So America is so personal yet we have no intimacy.
I guess my point was it used to be cool to be shocking and rebelious. To march to your own drum. But now we have everyone doing drum solos and marching in different directions. We have lost the ability to work together for a common goal.

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