chuck was organizing the cincinnati illustrators lunch at that time so I tried to draw him from memory… Chuck is an extremely talented illustrator. I like  his style also. there are many talented illustrators out there who for some reason or another don’t bring something to the table. at least for me. they lack originality or the art they make is just alittle flat…
it is hard to explain what that means but you know it when you see it. the difference between Pixar and any other 3d animation house… it is a combination of color, line and attitude that makes something really good as opposed to just good. there is alot of good art out there, every class in every school has a “good” artist but how do they take it to the next level… how are they adding to the global lexicon known as art? or is it just a replay of last years style…
I need to work on that from my end 
people kept telling me I looked like Sparty the mascot for michigan state. so I did a type study of the word “spartie” I didn’t realize it was spelled incorrectly until a few minutes ago when did a search… I am really bad at spelling…

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