“he was a good elf

… but he never much cared for the traditional elf hat.”

3 thoughts on “elf drawing

  1. you mean elves just wear them to get thier picture taken? but in real life they don’t wear them every where?

  2. I saw this drawing as a self portrait in elf form. I don’t mind being an elf, but I get dragged down by peoples expectation of what a person should be. Prejudices you might say. like artists must be sort of feminin, or the poor should be criminals. I know more dishonest rich white people than I do poor . The poor suffer from a lak of care about aqusition or they suffer from a specific malody or mental problem that keeps them from tricking people into handing over large sums of cash. Some poor people I have known just don’t have dreams of being rich. they accept from an early age the life of a poor person and never care to try for more. Don’t get me wrong they work all the time but for some reason they just can’t break through. I assume a sort of nobility in working for a living. I feel like I am adding something to the world rather than taking something. that may make a sucker but I know what I want out of my life. I like to look back and see a result of my labor… not just a pile of money that I will spend on crap like plastic toaster ovens…

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