this was hard to not draw everything and keep the page clean without getting it all smudgy. 

my cat likes to have me pet her everyday. sometimes I  am not into petting a cat, so ti try to pet her while I do stuff… which is not a very satisfactory thing to the cat… she will stick her claws into me while I try to get dressed for work… we have two dogs also but they have black plain eyes, the brown dog is always staring at me like I might accidently drop a steak at any second, if he only watches long enough…
I feel guilty for not petting the cat more but the black dog will jump on me and rub her llittle face on my face, she is not about to be ignored!….
any way a cat eye has a lot of depth, they can see in the dark, the cat eye reflects a lot of light, just another amazing piece of engineering people take for granted everyday…
we can’t make an eye. even though we  have HD tv, space ships, and cell phones, nothing is close to a simple cat’s eye…

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