I was talking to oliver today about a recording I did in my basement last night.
He said “it would be great if you could post those on your blog”
I thought yea that sucks I can’t…
then I remembered I could post songs on my fuse server and post a link to them on my blog…

so here is the first one

Pen & Paper

this song was recorded on my cassette four track tape machine like 10 years ago
it has alot of noise!
it starts with a metronome, then the guitar kicks in, with vocals and banjo solo…
oh yea and drums played on a little keyboard by hand

I always liked this goofy song.. it turned out better than some other songs I have been working on lately… I seem to have gotten out of practice
and everything I do now sounds sloppy… but this track fels like everything is in its place…
no extra notes or messed up notes… plus it sounds like a japanese rock garden….

what ever that means


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