the gazing stare of the artist can see into your soul
the soul can be empty while the face smiles and beams
the artist is a voyeur at heart who sees too much
the regular germans who killed so many
are living in everyman and woman and child
the bloodlust is only held back by the thin thread of religion or law
observing man as an object the artist tries to recreate life as on object
with out trying his work reflects himself and his view of humanity
early cave paintings recreate a hunting scene immortalizing the great nameless hunter
of that day
time passes the hunter dies, his tribe dies, his country fades away and 
all that is left is the message in a bottle known as a cave painting
if only to say I was alive like you once, I lived
and breathed, felt pain and died like you will
the end

2 thoughts on “eyes

  1. It also works the other way with souls… Some of the more spiritual, soulful people have very placid expressions; it’s all inside, contained.

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