when drawing commercial art, there are very few times where a sketch is good enough, so you spend enough time taking previous drawings and cleaning them up. eliminating any extra lines, and smoothing out others. even when you see a sketch in an ad or on package it has been refined and any extra stuff removed. this act has a way of removing the reality of what you are depicting. that is why even the best most true documentary is biased, some more than others. because somewhere in the process a person had to throw out shots because they are to dark, or sounds or words becuse the aren’t pleasing or the sound quality is bad. T.V. makes you think things are supposed to be overly clean and painted and the women are all skinny with b or c cup bras, the men all have washboard abs and thick hair and spend thier free time at a gym, 
this creates an unhappy society but out on the edge of town in the country, are people without tvs and radios who never heard of paul mcartney and the beatles, or tina fey, they never question thier looks or figures, they spend thier free tiem being happy and walking in the woods….

2 thoughts on “cleaned up eye

  1. happy walking in the woods…till one of their family gets really ill and they have no money or health insurance to take care of the person. it’s an impossible life to live without our jobs, stresses and medical coverage. there are necessary evils that unfortunately are the only way to provide things that we want/need for a healthy life.

    i wish i could spend my time walking in the woods, but at the same time, know that if something awful happened, i have a billion dollars in my bank account in the city. perhaps that makes me some sort of sellout

  2. that is the reason for society, the fear of being left alone…..

    and why country people are a little more hearty, they have no safety net…

    I am not say one is better than another
    just an observation

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