this movie is pretty good, it shows the rock bottom of drug dependancy… i got it from the library near my house. the library is awsome… free movies, books, music, the selection can be pretty thin but sometimes you hit paydirt thanks to a movie loving library employee… I have known a few library employees over the years they are a special breed, they spend alot of time reading and watching movies and listening to music. they are not aware of how much they read compared to most of the public and they unconciously form a seperate sub group of society. I know of one fellow who is generally happy who has worked at the library for his entire adult life… he walks everywhere because you don’t get alot of money from the library, he also has an encyclopaedic knowlage of my family, he worked with my brother and sister who both passed through the library in thier working life. he also knows a couple other of my siblings, and remembers me. I can’t remember his name, I am good at faces and shapes but not letters so names are often forgotten by me. this is extremely embaresing and a source of my social awkwardness, but that is another story. The happy state of this fellow is intreging. most people have alot of matierial things but never appear as happy as this guy. he has found his utopia and live there everyday. I could be missing something maybe he is sad at nights or on weekends, but for the times I talk to he he never seems agitated. I am agitatted around 50% of the time and always want to get that number up, but never seem to get there…
anyway, go to your local library and watch trainspotting, it is sad and also scary but you might feel like your life isn’t so shitty after watching it… thanks for reading… cya!

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