here is one with some drawings on it… the mug is my white castle mug and the skull it just a skull….

The evil looking art subject is pretty common and strong. There are leagions of artists who draw dragons and fairies and other pagan themes. I often wonder why this style is so popular among illustrator types. I have been to student shows and know illustrators and the bulk of them get into this type of art. Parallels can be drawn between the Guitarist and the artist…
The more a guitarist is into the craft of playing they tend to lean towards metal and mystical styles. Punk rock was not so much about technique but connecting with peoples everyday crappy life. Where as metal was about leaving this crappy world behind and traveling to a place that was way cooler. Pink Floyd takes us to a distopia where people love misery and strive to achieve freedom through anarchy (we are all just a brick in the wall). Led Zepplin “the battle of evermore” and Queen of light took her bow… Early Led Zep was very sexualized. Which leads to another form of graphic design the “Pin Up”. 
So basic themes are:
– Escapism
– Sexuality
– Distopia – the opposite of utopia – Blues etc.
– Melancholy is a sub catagory
Very little time is devoted to Happy Art…
I was hoping to make music of only happy fun songs without being corny but that might not be something people are interested in at this time, but maybe soon…..

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