every day Scot sees me at the coffee machine and says “nice mug” (space) ” and your coffee cup is nice also” 

ha ha ha 

One thought on “my mug… rendered in pencil

  1. Good afternoon Bartenational and greetings from Plymouth UK

    You look to be addicted to sketching stuff as much as I am – I tend to do a fair bit every day – including on occasion in my local pub. It does get me odd looks – but it also just got me a possible commission in the near future for a large canvas.

    So – why am I contacting you ?

    Well –I hope you will appreciate the idea behind the following –

    In a somewhat random act of artistic interaction I have come across your blog next to mine at this point in cyberspace and time. Have a look at my blog – I have placed a link on it for your site – for a month or so – under the heading “My Dog Ate Blogs” – take a look.

    Once you have had a look – if you fancy being a permanent part of this blog just say yes and I will put a permanent link for you on my site blog-roll – “My Dog Has Eaten These Blogs and Says Yum Yum” – I have regular visitors from 44 countries (and counting) and regular followers – again from all over the world -from Argentina via the USA to Indonesia – so if you like the idea of lots more people from all corners of the globe paying you a visit – come and join !

    In return all I would like is a link somewhere on your site.

    Have a look and see what you think.

    By the way – if you want to print out any of my images – feel free – some are quite nice ( I hope) – just tell your friends where you found them – and remember a lot of my work is for sale.

    Hope you find my site interesting as well.

    Best wishes from Plymouth UK !

    (Steve Clement-Large : My Dog Ate Art )

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