i have an old mad magazine paperback with alfred e neuman rendered in this style. it is a challenge to create an image of a face with simple abstract shapes. by itself the shapes don’t mean much but place them in a certain arrangement and you have a picture. for production reasons producing gray tones can be cost prohibitive. So the artist is forced to create a work with as simple of shapes as possible. you would think creating something in full color would take more skill but to me making a believable picture with simple lines is harder. Those lines have to be just right because you can’t just blend that edge together it has to be either black or white. 

society is having alt of trouble lately making things black or white.  we want everything mixed together and smoothed out. so we end up with blurry logic that takes a while to break down creating confusion and mundane homoginized boring life. somewhere we have to take a stand and say that is enough. 
I read in the paper last weekend about the 300 people killed in cincinnati last year by gang violence. This is not on the news nationwide or in a pamplet at the docters office. Movies stars don’t do telethons to stop thug violence. Nations don’t have summits to eliminate this threat. but it exists in alot of rust belt cities across america. it is probably safer in Bagdad than alot of places in America. At least the marines have guns and are prepared to die. People get killed in cincinnati just walking down the street in broad daylight. 
The drug trade is part of the problem, apathy is part of the problem, unwed mothers are part of the problem, break down of family are part of the problem, lack of basic morality is part of the problem. The Catholics and the right wing take a lot of flack for trying to be moral being called nazi’s and made fun of relentlessly by saturday night live and other people in the media, but those people don’t live the thug life or see the bodies stacked up over the last year, the weeping mothers. lack of morality makes it ok to kill and fathers to leave behind thier kids and mother to be hooked on crack.
somebody needs to do something, everybody needs to do something. people make up these problems so people need to solve them… and it will take all of us… or it will not change

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