in the future our cars will have glass bubbles for roofs… they will be insanely hot because there is no shade… so your head will be sunburned until the fad passes ….


2 thoughts on “futurmobile 500

  1. I think the most successful cars have a good face…

    think (and google)

    old beetle
    Austin Healy bug eyed sprite
    old mini
    ferrari older dino
    1957 chevy
    1955 chevy
    volvo P1800
    older MG midgets, everyone cringed and they became unpopular when they put the big black plastic grill on these cars. the British sports car fad faded right after that… cause the cute british cars became ugly… damn it is so obvious looking back
    I bet they could sell them again if they just made the same car.. (sorry for that rant)

    most modern cars have crappy grill faces and will rust away and be forgotten… because no one cares

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