I had a dream last night….
it was the t.v. show Happy Days, and we were going to a wedding… the show was based in a lake and there was a water show on the lake with synchonized swimmers. they were bathing beauties all wearing white swim suits and white swim caps… one of the swimmers complained of stomach pains and swam to the side of the lake to a beach area… there was someone helping her she appeared to be wearing a fake skin body suit to cover up the fact that she was pregnant… the person helped her get the skin suit off and she started to deliver the baby, I was shocked you could see the devilery on t.v. the view was looking up at the mom, so you could see the thing emerge. it turned out to be a bug of some sort, a giant bug, like a raoch sort of thing but maybe a beetle… then when it came out a giant moth or “mothera” started to battle it. I thought to myself “why don’t they have plot twists like this in television?” “it just might be interesting”….

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