is drawing with a computer still drawing? some purists would say no. other people say it is just a tool and you should use the tools you are used to… ultimately I would say the end result is what people will remember…. nobody knows or cares what kind of brush the mona lisa was painted with…

here is and illustration I did in illustrator for altoids… the project never got off the ground but people liked this illustration…. the right is the wireframe showing the construction of the file…..

this is what I do mostly every day but I don’t post because it is mundane everyday stuff…. 

2 thoughts on “melt candy

  1. Well, I think it’s interesting. The stuff I do every day is mundane. Snotty eye balls. Touching snotty eye balls. Asking people why they decided to stop the medication that they were put on so they won’t go blind.

    I’d much rather look at computer illustrations. You should post more of these and then I’ll draw you a picture of a snotty eye.

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