this is a cartoon about the new guy at work. I am not sure what I was thinking at the time… ???

he is stiff like a fish? he is a fish out of water?   I can’t quite remember….
I have a lot of comics in a drawer at home… in my spare time a few years ago I worked out some characters and strip ideas and put paper to pen everyday to see if I could sustain a comic. I came to the conclusion that I could but it seemed like work. and since I currently have a job I wasn’t sure what the net gain would be? Fame might occur but from everything I have read that doesn’t nessesarily lead to happyness. Jack cole the inventor of plastic man and creater of countless playboy one panel funnies eventually commited suicide… Curt cobain… various teen heart throbs… the current crop of drug addicted teen starlets… fame is a job as much as putting on muffles in a muffler shop.  so I am just going to keep working on what ever needs to be done….. time will tell if it amounts to any thing more than a paycheck

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