they were done in illustrator so they could be separated into spot colors for printing reasons.

the wireframes are also included to show how they are made with a computer. I shot the reference on a sunny day so you can almost see my house reflected in the highlights..
pat said they brought a tear to his eye… pat cracks me up….


4 thoughts on “here are some olives I just did

  1. i love olives.

    i eat them all the time. greek black olives are my favorite, but i also enjoy kalamata, queen, spanish, cracked, stuffed and pincholine. you could say that i like “olive” them.

    these are as fine a olives as i have ever seen. you should be very proud to have done such honor to this wonderful condiment.

  2. I once knew a Ken Lay…
    interesting character….

    he use to regale us with tails searching the african continent for the rare “lotus olive”.
    the plant would flower once every ten years at 3:20 am on the eve of a virgin moon. the bloom was extraordinary. 3 feet across magenta thing. then a single four pound olive would come out like a turd. complete with raspberry sound effect.

    lost some good men on that trip…

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