Today I am taking a break from my usual sunny (sarcastic tone) web posts for some commentary.

When I was an impressionable young teen my hip older sister  had a collection of Rolling Stone magazines from the late 70’s in our basement. It had cool stories about these new artists like Elvis Costello, and old stories about 50’s rock legends Carl Perkins. A range of stuff. Today I am looking at a newer one with Metallica on the cover. Metallica has become known as a “we are doing this, and we expect to be rich” band. In the 70’s that was seen as crass commercialism. Bands like Kiss were looked down on as a publicity stunt and not really producing any good music. Now the tables have completely flip flopped. Rolling Stone is a magazine dominated by commercial ventures to the absence of everything else. Like most journalism today it has turned completely yellow. I guess Sony owns it and uses it to promote its million dollar acts. It pretty much reflects our culture right now. Mostly whorish. and if it isn’t whoreish it is pimpish. either you are exploiting everyone around you, or you are being exploited. Maybe I am just older and jaded but at least in the 70’s people pretended to care. Now caring is seen as weekness, morals and purity are a ticket to obscurity. I am sickend by Rolling Stone Magazine.
A once proud and indepth source of information reduced to a crass t.v. commercial. At least the Slap Chop is not trying to pull anything.
It is time for Rolling Stone Magazine to retire.

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