hey watch this movie if you never have… then compare it to society today… discuss

also on an unrelated subject. I was driving to work yesterday, It was rainy out… and an on coming truck swerved into my lane. I looked to see what he swerved away from. it was a squirrel that had been hit by a car. It was still alive. shaking and squirming. blood was coming out of its mouth. car were wizzing by at 40 mph. with cars lined up behind me I couldn’t hit my brakes and slow down. as I looked in my rear view mirror. I could see other cars swerving around the squirrel. I looked at my bowie knife. left in my car from a camping trip… and make shift weapon. would a squirrel rather be stabbed? or stomped? after being hit by a car. what  could I do to help this squirrel? by then I was in front of my building. and decided to just let it go and go to work. 

later I saw his little flattened carcus on the side of the road. out of his misery… 

there are millions of squirrels in the city, billions on the planet… what does the life of one squirrel represent? what is my responsibility to said squirrel? 


2 thoughts on “George Orwell 1984 P1

  1. That’s kind of unnerving. If I had seen the squirrel, I would have thought that maybe I should run over it again to put it out of it’s misery, but I know that I couldn’t have done it.

    A similar thing happened to me w/ a raccoon. It was looking at me and crying after it got hit by a car. A raccoon is substantially bigger than a squirrel, so the idea didn’t even cross my mind. For a few years after that, I entertained the idea of becoming a vet, but life happened.

  2. yea, I see animals squished all over the road everyday, but rarely in the injured state. I am not an “animal” kind of guy, but i don’t like to see living things suffer. I mean I will eat the crap out of a hamburger but rarely think about the cow getting chopped up.

    If you try to have feeling about that stuff it can be overwhelming.

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