the things I draw for work are varied and diverse. I am never quite sure what will be needed. somtimes it is a pull from a magazine with the orders “draw this… like this…” or it is we just need some decent line art of this product. they tryed to ship out the line art to india because it was cheaper but they ended up spending so much time directing the art to get it right it ended up costing more than just paying a professional to do it … like me… thats were the saying “a penny wise but a pound foolish” comes in to play… every company is trying to save money these days so they want to cut costs, but I don’t make that much… so just pay it already….

I provide a quality product for a low cost, a bargain really… once the word gets out.. it becomes like an avalanch of demand… so I stay pretty busy…. anyway …. life goes on… the world rotates and a few hours of my life pass me by…

5 thoughts on “work life

  1. if you're providing a professional service for a bargain, then i must be in some sort of slavery program. i dont think my pay even counts as a "bargain." it's more like "stealing."

    i like your covidien space gun.

  2. … yea it is a fine line between bargain and giving it away… I definatly don't do anything for free… even if I do it for no money I still have an agenda I am pushing,

    sometimes the agenda is learning how to do something… I didn't know how to do characatures but people wanted them and now I am feeling more confident about doing a good one but the first few were hit or miss as to weather they were any good or not…. everything can be a learning opportunity…


  3. It's interesting that you didn't let the model have a pee break while you were drawing her. Very sadistic. Did you also make her wear a ball-gag during the sitting?

  4. I omitted the ball gag and opted for shackles, also you can't see it the picture but I am slowly dripping water on a puppies forehead…
    ha ha , but actually (you would know this if you were an artist) we used fake pee in her bladder that she only had to hold for approximately one hour. the fake pee illustrates better than real pee because it is a rich chroma yellow

  5. and then when she saw the bright yellow urine, she thought that she had taken her vitamin already (she hadn't) so she skipped it and now she has low iron levels for the rest of the day. Her energy was just starting to rebound after that bad case of spontaneous blood loss, too. Way to go, Bart. Way. To. Go.

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