another one in the coffee series …  

listening to This american life #289 Go ask Your Father radio show. It is about a guy who knew his father, but after his father died, another guy tells him he was his actual father. Then he goes on a search and the dna finally proves that the man who he knew to be his father was not his father.

I am pretty sure my dad was my dad. people commented at his funeral that I looked a lot like my dad…  but there are many things people do in life that they never share with anyone… especially with their children… life is long… people find themselves in various situations not of there choosing… or battle demons they can’t always control…

I will never know what if any demons my dad or mom had. they both passed on to another place… they lived full lives and traveled before they were married. it would be hard to believe that some things never happened, but it is always a possibility… this only re-enforces my belief in God.. if people knew everything that it takes to create mankind or the whole universe… it would suddenly be shit.. because shit is basically the primordial ooze life was created by in the world of science.. If this is the whole of our existence…  then why bother with the whole thing… 

the facts that make a person who they are should not be the limit for who that person can be…

also if you know that much about your self you are probably pretty self centered and your world revolves around the minutia that makes up the forgotten and useless… 

the world doesn’t care what sperm you were made of you are still just as viable a person as everyone else….

I wrote that top part earlier in the day… and the more I think about it the more, I wonder… abortion eliminates unwanted babies… but there are many famous people in history who were illegitimate births… or were born to non traditional families … I wonder who has been lost to abortion that could have been great? 

A list of famous bastards pulled from the internet are

1. Confucius (ca. 551–479 BCE)

2. Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519)

3. Thomas Paine (1737–1809) and 4. Alexander Hamilton (1755–1804)
5. Lawrence of Arabia (1888–1935)
6. Eva Perón (1919–1952)

I know Dave Thomas founder of Wendy’s was adopted
Obama was from a broken home.. does this count?

are illigitimate babies driven to greatness to achieve ligitimacy? 

is there anyone studying this stuff?

just something to think about


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