inside people is a second person… 

that is the person they think they are… 
sometimes they don’t like that person…
so they want to be someone else….
sometimes that inner person wants to wear a cat outfit….
what if instead of wearing the same clothes everyone buys at target…
people wore a costume of some sort…
a cat outfit… 
current fashion is very severe and angry looking
black and sharp, nothing to do with nature…
what if nature inspired the latest fads…
an owl look could be very popular….
or maybe it is more friendly like peoples pets…
the pet look…
you can dress like a cat or a dog…
then people would know what kind of person you are
and behave accordingly….


6 thoughts on “somtimes people need a catsuit

  1. I think those people are called Furries.

    Someday, you should ask Oliver how we ended up at a Furry Convention by mistake.

  2. hah, yea the accidental furry convention. i had forgotten!

    what animal would you dress like then bart?

    i think for fashion reasons, i'd dress as a crow. i think the big beak on an elastic band could look really cool. based on my personality it'd probably be something like a frog…altho in folklore they're often harbingers of doom! oooooooh!

  3. hmmm, I think I would make a good bear or large ape… or a robot, I don't think that is an animal though

    Furry Convention? that sounds interesting… were you and oliver "accidently" dressed as a cat (Casey) and a Chihuahua (Oliver)?

    sounds like a good story…

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