this was a sketch for a pecha cucha poster. we had a series of presentations, for work. some people wanted to make presentations. this idea revolved around a robot with a speaker for a head standing at the edge of a cliff preparing to speak. it 12:20 on a sunday night. I usually go to sleep before this but I am waiting up for my wife, she is working at the church festival finishing up stuff. they rent out these giant tents and booths for all the activities. they spend all week building a tent city to house all the things to do. the big new thing was the dunking booth. All the old timers from the neighborhood were there. People that grew up there and have since moved on. some really old people who went to school there 70 years ago. The old neighborhood has changed since those days, the big  old families all turn out. with their children and grand children. It is hard to break into a neighborhood like this. you are hanging with people who all grew up together… but even though I have lived here 16 years I am not one of them… that is o.k. with me..  I am not tied to the place, but my wife and I got involved to make sure the school was open for my kids to go to…  I am sure some other people will come along after we leave to maintain the place. they all want a safe place for their kids to go to school. unless the city of cincinnati somehow gets its shit together and makes a school worth attending … ha ha.. no way… anyway people grow up and want to move on from their parents.. so the places their parents built up end up being neglected and abandon. in Europe real estate is not like america. here we just move up the road and build a whole new city, because we have plenty of space…. it is odd to see places occupied for 50 years like an old school or church, built with the sweat and tears and sacrifice by hard working people trying to make a mark on this world… worn from years of use then left behind to rot… Bowling allys with nobody bowling on them, bars with cobwebs were no one will drink,  overgrown baseball diamonds… People expect these places to be preserved by someone, but the truth is there is no one left… kathy and I have inherited a lot of control of things in these parishes, we are strangers here but no one else will pick up the torch… it is somewhat sad… but america has a funny way of buying new vs quality… 

anyway I added three new songs I wrote on my myspace page  www.myspace.com/bartlaube  

3 thoughts on “pecha cucha poster idea

  1. It's weird how people do itch to get away from the places that they have grown up in. I wonder if that trend is waxing or waning. O and I live .5 miles from my parents and like 10 from his. But even if we stay, more people are moving in. The structures are the same as when I grew up here, but the elementary school is now a city building that overlooks a family planning center that used to be an old house from the 1950s.

  2. i have too many memories built up in my old neighborhood… they would need to be washed away for me to go back there…

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