Brands have equities… equities are anything you can relate to as “the brand”… touch, taste, sound, see, or hear. The touch of Harley Davidson is the rubber grips and the leather jacket. Taste doesn’t apply to this brand soo much.. Sound is the distinctive rumble of the harley as it roars down the street. You can say they “own” that sound, so every time you hear that rumble you think “here comes a harley”….
so all the advertising and graphic design firms came up with this way to describe designs and why the coke can needs to be red, and have a script on it.  Other wise people will make bad decisions about packaging and tv commercials and product, i.e. New Coke…
these equities are usually assembled into a molecule graph, a chart of some sort, or a pyramid… the above illustration show the next step. The equity pyramid cake. 

9 thoughts on “now a little about branding…

  1. equity cakes are far more delicious than equity pyramids…

    do you think there are "equity mummies" inside equity pyramids?

  2. that is mike taylor with the pencil as a rabbit…

    one must do something to breath some life into those discussions!

    wait this could be a cool song…

    equity mummies eating equity cake,
    building up equity whenever they bake.
    deep in a rabbit hole they toil away
    living in underground pyramids….

    oh e-qui-tay… e-qui-tay

  3. Brilliant Idea – a brand's multisensorial equities need to expressed in a multisensorial way. Otherwise we fall into the trap so described by David Byrne: "Writing about Music is like Dancing about Architecture".

    No graph, no matter how large the axis, or verbose the postscript, can illustrate that smell of freshly opened plastic shower curtain (surpsing a brand does not own this smell yet – huge opportunity) or the salty taste Rawlings baseball-mitt rawhide.

    A brand must just 'be', not 'be described'. Coke is a red-velvet cake, light in texture but with a cloyingly sweet cola-caramel frosting. Being the first and the orignal, it has 5 layers like theImhotep step pyramid of Djoser.

  4. branding expressed as pastries, hmmm…

    part of the Catholic ritual is ingesting your belief as a small wafer, so you take your religion inside of you and live off of it…

    for the Branding ritual to flourish, you need to "eat the brand"

    eat the equities,

    nourish your body with the ingredients and vitamins of a brand….

    like chewing on a catchers mit…

    great build john!

  5. Indeed. In fact, I would venture to say you can only truly understand a brand once it's dead or ingested + passed through the body.

    The rest if just commentary that pays the salaries of Important Brand People.

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