when I was in 7th grade the favorite game for boys was called “kill the man”.

basically someone would throw a football up in the air and who ever caught it, got tackled.
This was a real alpha male proving ground. because if no one could catch you, or tackle you, you were the biggest baddest kid. So if you thought you were a bad ass, this was a chance for other kids to smash you down to size. If you underestimated yourself, this was were things became clear where you stood. Some kids who were timid found out they were just as tough as that other kid who pushed them around, because they felt intimidated. So nerds became cool, and cool kids became, not so cool. I remember being in 7th grade and some 8th graders thought they were bad asses, so they gave me the ball and were going to tackle me, so one grabbed me, then another, then anouther, it felt like I was carrying the whole class on my back, and I still wasn’t going down, I was unstoppable. That was 7th and 8th grade before high school, so most of the kids hadn’t had a growth spurt yet. but for the rest of the year I feared no one. If some guys were picking on a nerd, I was like “cut it out!” and they would. What were they going to do? they couldn’t take me down…. for a brief moment in time I was the alpha male
I never played that game later in life, but to have a way to measure people’s ability and brain power in a real way, would help organize our society, so the best people suited for a job, would be the person who got that job… things work out that way naturally for the most part, but sometimes I wonder….
football and sports are all about stats and measurement, if you hit a home run, you get credit, your team benefits but doesn’ t get extra point on their stat cards…
this flight of the conchords logo was for a poster competition, I never finished it, becuase contests of art are sooo subjective, there is no real way to know if you have a chance without puttin a ton of work into it.

3 thoughts on “Creative Kill The Man

  1. I, personally, love art competitions where the judge has never made or seen a piece of art in his/her life. The outcome of those competitions is pretty much a crapshoot and often results in some unexpected "winners". If that were the case for this contest, someone could have vomited up an actual concord while flying on a Concorde jet, called it performance art and won that contest. And that person could have been you, Bart.

  2. damn, if only I had known!

    I had an idea that involved covering my body with half white and half black paint, then yelling obsenities about this post modern technocratic society while making jello for 6 the old fashioned way on the stove top, but I lost my jello molds and am on the fence about the pos neg relationship between republicans and dora the explorer…

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