Once upon a time, graphic design was done using designers guaches… guaches are water based paints, that can be ran through an airbrush, painted thick like water colors, thinned out and used as water colors, they can go down super smooth or blotchy. you can wash them off of your board and reapply them… they were the standard for the graphics industry before the computer came along. if you wanted a color rendering, you used guache…. then maybe something else if they didn’t do what you wanted… now guaches have a dull finish when they are layed down, they dont get thick like an oil painting, and the color isnt as rich. but they reproduce and photograph really well, they dry fast and you can blend the paint by using slight pressure and a moist brush, to achieve a really smooth gradient. they were used for quick layouts and color mock ups, type treatments, architactural reanderings, lettering, just a ton of stuff,

minutia about painting… sorry casey you are probably bored by this stuff…!

5 thoughts on “return to guache….

  1. Hey, hey, I was an art kid, too! Granted, O is far more talented than I, but before I was outshone (!) I was a happy painting major for two years (then I became jaded and switched to art history–and now I work in an eye clinic). But the turpenoid and linseed oil still run through my veins (much to Violet's chagrin).

    That's neither here nor there. I stopped by because I wanted to let you know that I was expecting a post about ganache, and in that post you would have typed that you were going to culinary school to be a pastry chef and were looking to hire someone to be the taster of your student work. And to comply with Equal Opportunity laws, that taster had to be a pregnant white woman.

  2. I didn't know your extensive art background, now I see your interest in the blog a little more clearly…
    a window if you will into your soul.. a portrait if you may of your inner workings… a television if you will into the mini series called casey…. a sitcom if you may that revolves around this crazy world of a goopy eye person known hertofore as one casey minording…

  3. I probably wouldn't recommend that sitcom. As of late, the topics have involved edema, food, and ill-fitting shoes, and is punctuated with hours of no audio track due to impromptu naps. Oliver often watches, but I imagine he puts it on mute on occasion.

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