once I designed a banner for my church,
they liked that so I designed some signs for their pizza place,
they liked that, but the other people sued them
so they changed their name
to Italiannati’s
but that was too close
so they changed it to Hyde Park pizzeria
and I think it is done

4 thoughts on “hyde park pizzeria saga

  1. Sometimes when I make pizza, instead of pepperoni, I use Pupperoni. It's cheaper and Oliver never notices the difference. Healthier table scraps for the dog, mainly.

  2. I like to eat a blt for lunch sometimes.
    a beggin strips, lettuce and tomato, it is way cheaper than bacon, when I was young my parents used to buy these things called gains burgers, they looked like a burger and were wrapped in celophone, but they didnt need to be refridgerated and we kept them in the garage….

    real life:

    I tried the beggin strips one time, I was feeding them to my dogs for months, they smelled like bacon, why not? right?


    I cant compare them to any human taste I have ever tasted, while working on cars I have had brake fluid or gas get in my mouth, but this was worse than that….

    my dogs go crazy for them though…

    do pupperoni have puppy in them? or are they made from puppy?

    dogs snacks are fun

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