“oh dear, I hope the internets doesn’t find out about this!”

“although I shouldn’t have been looking at sexy scrap metal web site again”
“the internets are indeed a source of evil, for the lonely robot”

5 thoughts on “mr. tinmouse thinks he broke the internets

  1. Way to go, Mr. Tinmouse. Great job being a perv. Now I can't check out perezhilton.com because the internets is kaput. I guess I'll have to read a book.

  2. read a book? how archaic

    i usually scan all my books, magazines and newspapers into the computer, because I can't read things on paper anymore!

    I put the images into a browser window and bought some eyeglasses cause of the eyestrain…
    it only takes about 4 hours to scan a 50 page magazine, then store them on a jump drive so I can put them on my phone.

    then if I am ats a place with no wi-fi
    I print out only the pages I need to save paper…
    cause I am into technology

  3. I imagine if I had kindle I could paste magazine pages to the front of it to read them, or use it as a bookmark of somesort

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