the day began like so many others, people milling about, chatting about various things. Some things about work, some things about play… the same old things, day after day. nothing specific was going on… somethings were do in the distant future, somethings had past, life was adrift this monday morning. 

THe usual thoughts creep into a persons mind, what am I doin here? why am I doing this?
but the day starts rolling and blanks out those random thought. but until that kicks in the clock ticks the seconds off, 5 seconds at a time, time stands still.
A person wonders if they are groggy because of the medication they are on…. the blood pressure is too high, you must reduce it. take these pills, then feel like a weight is put on you everyday to keep you from floating away. We all want to float away, there is something in human nature that makes it impossible to stay in one place all the time, unchallenged. That is why jail is such a problem, it is tourture to stay in one spot for too long. Your eyes constantly take in information, and search for new sites, your memory is built to capture and hold important information every day… your body is made to travel long distances… it can repair itself… automatically.. if only it had a reason to…
starting to feel squirmish one looks at the clock only to realize it has been a half an hour….

4 thoughts on “adrift…

  1. i read a great post on james gurney's blog today.

    "One thing that makes art fun is using it to connect you with unusual experiences and encounters….Rationalism and analysis can help you develop your craft, but you have to stoke the fire of your inner artist too. "

    now obviously, i connect with art/drawing. some people connect with music, or poetry, or dancing, etc. it's a shame that most people in the world can't just pursue their passion and feel happy and fulfilled every moment of every day of their life. we have to go to work and spend the majority of our time pondering our existence and just making it through the stress of the day. watching the clock hoping it passes quickly so we can get to the stuff we really enjoy in life. altho nothing would probably get done, how wonderful a place we'd be in if everyone just did what they loved…well, at least people would probably be in a better mood. but i think reconnecting to our natural instincts to draw, dance or bang on drums is important for mental stability. it's amazing how many people seem so disconnected from these instincts that if you put a pencil in their hand they are almost frightened by it. and why is everyone (including me) so goddamned afraid to dance in front of anyone?!

  2. cool, nice feedback, it is always hard to come back from vacation to the cubical… I am not sure any job would be satifactory on that level… sunday was created for a reason, our life revolves around moon phases. I couldn't sleep on wednesday, and was bothering my wife in the middle of the night… only to find out it was a full moon…. coincidence? I have had that happen more than once so I fear it has an effect on my brain. my inner werewolf trying to come out.

    it could be as simple as our brain floats around in water in our head and the gentle tug of the moons gravitational pull makes us slightly more irritable on those days. Scientifically I have heard they can't prove that but, we are creatures of nature after all. no matter how sophisticated we think we are, we are really just fancy monkeys.

    I wonder what our next big discovery will be? the people before electricity thought they had everything figured out also, but then were like shit? whats this light bulb thing?

    I have a feeling it will be more spiritual awakening or etherial as science seems to hold little value in relation to happiness…

  3. I have to agree. The next big thing will probably be a huge spiritual awakening. People are flipping out about the "end of the world" a la 12/21/2012, but it's ridiculous. The "end of the world" coincides with so many predictions of people achieving higher spiritual levels. Indigo children, etc. We are almost there, anyway. People have realized that the planet is a being that needs to be nurtured, and that's just a part of it. Albeit trendy as heck right now, look how "green" things are getting. Look how many young people are flocking to the churches. It's all connected. The world isn't going to end any time soon, it's just changing. And that's going to be the next big thing.

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