i was happy with how this guys face turned out,

I basically took his low res photo, and traced it with the pen and pencil tool in illustrator, then picked colors to go with it….
I usually never work on black….
I want to quit my job and become a hobo. ridin the rails with my guitar and a dog….
leave it all behind… like the song on my myspace page profile http://www.myspace.com/bartlaube
Once I was walking with my kids in Columbus ohio, my wife was at a lunch lady convention and we had time to kill. so we were walking around downtown, near the santa maria replica boat. we were going to go on it but when we got down there it was closed… so we walked under the bridge… it was starting to rain and we didn’t want to get wet. for some reason we were talking about hobos. and my son said something about mastering the hobo arts. and made up a character named hobo jobo master of the hobo arts…
so we are laughing and walking anda talking about hobo’s really loud… we turn the corner and there is a shirtless dirty looking guy standing by the river…. looking at us….
we were dumb struck (the opposite of star struck) and instantly stopped talking, we walked slowly by… I was fearfull of the hobo… if he was to attack I had to protect the kids… I always fell weak when I am with my kids… I couldn’t fight with abandon because I would always want to protect the kids…. anyway we walked quietly past the hobo, him looking at us, us looking back… like a deer in a field… I said a quiet “hey, how’s it going?”
it is always good to face hobo’s because they are people like you and me, and if you show fear, they will get pissed off at you… like “why are you afraid?” “I am normal”
but we all know they aren’t

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