my link yesterday didn’t work out like I planned

the thumbnail doesn’t work

so when you click on the small version it doesn’t go to a large version

not sure where it went wrong

that is the problem with new software. it never works like the old soft ware…

instead of tweaking the interface and improving proformance, they usually ad new features, that may or may not work. and usually work slower. I do the same exact work I did ten years ago, on a machine that is four times faster, but it is just as slow as the old way, because the software is bloated. they need to make this stuff simpler and less complex, but stable.

a nintendo cartridge never freezes… why can’t a computer work like that?

maybe make two versions, a stable simple version, and a complicated fucked up version with a bunch of useless features like adding flash to illustrator, I am sure some people use that, but I don’t ever, so why do I need it?

anyway my first graphics computer was a mac II si with an 80 mb hard drive and 5 mb of ram

3 thoughts on “day two on word press

    • ha, I forgot about that one,
      I ended up giving it to my brother charley,
      he has a storage unit full of that stuff

      I can ask him about it though, i your really interested

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