some days I work and I feel like I am not getting anywhere, it is frustrating to feel like you are not getting to a rest spot… when I was a boy, I was born with a sense of bliss. I remember never worrying about anything, or being trouble as much, if I was troubled i would eventually reach a spot where I found some bliss. A soft safe place where I didn’t need or want anything, that is the best place to be. You can see the need in others, needs are great these days… we live in a time of orgasmic gratification… where you can’t just be rich you have to be a billionare, where you can’t have a wife you have to have three wives, where you can’t drive a normal sized car, you must, must, must, have a giant car with a dvd player and a gps, and other things you don’t even know how to use. but these aren’t the good things they don’t bring you or me eternal contentment. cause even when I get everything I want, it wears off after a day, and I am left wondering what the next “thing” will be.

I tend to miss what ever it was that took me to that place…

smoking cigarrettes is one of those things, the more I smoke, the more I want to smoke more, I use up resources and make money to spend on them, and keep spending until, i find bliss, but it doesn’t come. and I am left hurting and in pain, my feet going numb. trying to find that comfortable place we all want, when your brain is turned off and nothing fills your every waking moment.

take out smoking insert anything you like, any way…


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