here is an drawing of my old cel phone. it is challenging to draw these normal things. In the future people will look upon these drawings and wonder what exactly this was. The ancient mayan people created a language of pictographs, that was lost. No one alive or dead knew how to read it or what it all ment. The pictographs represented sounds and words. so somehow people of this age are able to actually speak words that were lost to human ears. now if this age comes to an end and we go into a dark ages again, all this knowledge could potentially be lost. Computer data is a temporary form of storage. I have some old files from 1997 that I can still read, but only on a mac, in certain programs. if those companies go out of business that data will be lost. Look at the edison cylinders, recorded around the turn of last century. as the players break down the music on these is lost. now the concept of a record player is easy to reproduce. It is a needle connected to an amplifier,  then a speaker. all of these things are still being made. but who is to say the microchip will be still made 100 yrs from now? how about 200, or 1000 the age of egyptian writings. DIgital is a temporary solution

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