the power trip is a not often talked about part of our society. This is a shame because it effects everyones life more than almost any social custom. I get tired of this game. I am more results oriented. I like to do things and get things done. This is often misunderstood by people. I was born into a large family, were we all had precious egos to defend, if one was shown any favoritism the others would react. sometimes negatively towards the favorited one. This happens everyday in the adult world too. People only want to be better than someone else. It does not matter if a person has enough to live and be happy, it is not enough to have shelter and food, they feel the need to stand on someone elses neck. this is a land of plenty, there is more than enough money and resources for eveyone to live very well. but the problem is everone wants to be on top of the mountain. I know I know communism failed, there is no utopia. the monkey tribe call american society we live in dictates survival of the fittest.  that is just frustrating, and annoying.

(all and all not one of my best uplifting posts)


2 thoughts on “the power trip

  1. On my way to the top of the mountain, I like to use my power to influence and belittle others. I like to make wild claims that damage people’s characters that I cannot back up with proof. I also enjoy acting like everything other people say is ridiculous by repeating whatever it is they are saying back to them in a nasally, sing-song voice. It’s kind of like a hobby. It has won me many friends and is how I stay popular, which is THE most important thing.

    For serious, speaking of survival of the fittest, I apply that philosophy to my laundry. If a particular article of clothing cannot stand the rigors of regular detergent and cold water in a normal cycle, it’s probably not going to last under normal wear and tear. I do not let the dryer have a role in this test because I have seen the ugly things that can happen to wool in a dryer. It is particularly heartbreaking if it was expensive yarn and/or took more than a month to knit.

    • thanks for the insight casey, I knew your thirst for power knew no bounds, but now thanks to this insight I will surely crush you… and everyone in my path…

      except babies and puppies who rule me with a glance…

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