to draw this face and money others, I put the pen down on the top of the nose and draw a nose shape, then populate the rest of the face around it ending with the jaw line and hair. It is a stream of consciousness drawing. I am not thinking or trying to draw something specific. so it is interesting to see what comes out of my pen. this is the basis for my enjoyment of drawing. I sometimes have an idea on what things will look like, but mostly I am surprised on what comes out. why that nose?

maybe it says something about my mental condition or some secret desire, or like a persons handwriting it can be analized, and torn down and studied, to get to an explanation of things, but like Santa Claus, once you look beyond your first impression, it is dead.

why kill it?

life has enough crap in it, we don’t need to add more….

2 thoughts on “random faces

  1. I totally get what you are saying about stream of conscious drawings. However, whenever I hear someone say that, I am instantly transported back to art school into some of the more painful critiques. “stream of consciousness” was one of the favorite go-tos that people would use to describe their or someone else’s artwork when they were put on the spot and couldn’t think of anything else to say. Also favored: “energetic mark-making”, “it’s a commentary on…”, “juxtaposition”, “chiaroscuro”, “happy accident”, “I like it”, and “this is an exciting start”.

    Speaking of crap, you should stop by my blog and read Tuesday’s entry.

  2. i think casey nailed it. i strive to never say any of those descriptions whenever i’m talking about art or anything. there are a lot of exciting starts, and images that were made with energetic marks, but i won’t say it. i’ll always try to find another way to articulate it, cuz these were burned into my brain through unbearable, bullshit crits.

    i LOVE ashley wood’s art, and i buy all the popbot stuff. but it’s a “stream of consciousness” story and it’s completely ridiculous and you cant even follow it. it looks so gorgeous i dont even care tho.

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