I have a dvdr that lets me set up and record shows without watching them.

so I get to record things and store them on my tv and watch them when I want. That type of tv is perfect bubble gum for the mind. Mr. Roper is a pretty awful actor in this series. I guess he was an ok character actor a long time ago, then got this series, who knows how. The 1970’s were a good time for sitcoms. Happy Days, laverne and shirley’s, mork and mindy’s. we all had the same channels, so everyone watched the same shows, and talked about them at school. kids don’t have that now, not that it matters, people either jell or they don’t. kids are alot more open about it. if they hate someone for no reason, they just tell them. people pretend to like each other as adults… even if they don’t because they don’t want to start a war…

or they learn as children that people will carry that shit around for a long time. even if it seemed like no big deal.


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