beyonce dominated the grammies, the problem is I hate all of her music. the sound effects, and disjointed noise of “all the single ladies” is enough to make anyone insane. I could imagine being subjected to that noise as a sort of torture. A tourture so severe ever the most hardned green baret could not stand. The good thing about fads is they don’t last forever, so all we have to do is wait it out. Wait for a time when music takes over instead of dancing, beethoven would be begging for work these days, as I don’t recall him ever being part of a dance crew. Those were different times my friend. The Japanese culture has traditional dance and music, that at one time was the cutting edge of art. Now it is only an imitation of what people can recall. The culture can’t shake it. I hope we can shake loose the bounds of hip hop. and somehow progress into something more serene and palitable. The people of hip hop are an ugly brutal people and the sounds are ugly and brutal as well. The women abusers, the drug addicts, and the just plain annoying. popular music always enjoys a radical personality, but this is pointing towards anarchy. Most people who think anarchy is cool have never really been subjected to anarchy. A mob has no conscience, and runs over the good as well as the bad. If I walked up to you and said hi, and before you could answer I punched you square in the nose, that would be an act of anarchy. Is that a cause? Is that something you want? people randomly smashing everything around you? how is that progress?


2 thoughts on “waiting for the end of hip hop…

  1. i was listening to a pop-culture podcast and they were saying how authentic “hip hop” is dead and that rap is the only thing alive now. i guess im not sure what the difference is really.

    i remember when R&B was HUGE. there were complete r&b channels on the radio. babyface, etc. then, one day, it was gone. faded out and no one even cared. i dont miss it. then there was the boy band fad. that died. then the emo/screamo fad that i think is still sorta dying out…

    i wonder what mtv will tell us is popular next?

    oh, and beethoven wasn’t in a crew, but mozart was. it was called “The Prodigious Salzburgs” i believe. i think he missed most of the practices tho.

  2. someone here at work said the difference is in the lyrics, rap is more vulgar, while hip hop is more evolved….

    you can tell when a music is about to fade out when t.v. commercials and news organizations start using it. eddie van halen suffered from that problem in the 80’s when every news organization had his sound in the theme music. as well as cereal commercials…

    reeses puffs has a pretty good rap in it, so does that education connection waitress girl…

    “get connected for free (free) at education connection”

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