like most rust U.S. cities cincinnati has been in a backslide for 20-30 years. When your in the middle of it, you barely notice the glacier like movements, but when you stand back you can see the grooves left in its wake. Our identity as a hard scrabble city with tough hard core characters with heart has been replace by nondescript, blank generic america. And we insist on that. Every attempt to call attention and preserve what once was has been stomped out like so many ants so the global conglomerates can come in and take their place. Pete Rose and Marge Schott were seen as these over the top personalities with crazy points of view, have moved on from our little burg and replaced by no one. There void says more than their presence .

To be a great person one must take on a better than normal point of view. This is what we lose when we homogenize all of our thinking. Great people are great because they hate the normal. So it is all or nothing. Pete wanted to win at everything all the time. eventually you lose, but he played more and harder in one day then most people do in a lifetime, He was all in, all the time. Marge took what could have been a passive role of inheritance and made it her own.

30 years ago we had an entire economy based and owned in cincinnati. An economy we could own and benefit from. 20 years ago we stood to inherit this and we passed.

Stores like Pogues, Shillitos, Swallens, Stienbergs, and many more, Hughes Music in Norwood, All have been replaced by national/ global interests. The down side is the money that is make from these ventures instead of going back into our local ecomony gets sent to other towns, and countries. So when you buy a TV from walmart the money goes to a group of people who don’t live, eat, or shop here. So it is money going out and not coming back. We get money coming in from some of our big companies, but we are in a global fight now. A fight we must win or lose everything. And yes it really is that big of a deal.

5 thoughts on “old cincinnati vs. new cincinnati

  1. I have to admit, I’m big on capitalism, but I definitely think it often gets out of hand. As a consumer, I want the best product I can get for as cheap as I can get it since like most of the population, I have a less-than-astounding salary.

    I like the idea of fair competition, and whoever can offer the best deals gets the business. But you get these huge companies who are willing to throw integrity out the window, and sacrifice whatever and whoever they can to get costs down a few pennies. Competition between business provides me as a consumer the best situations, but the independent shops just can’t keep up with these global companies who use (practically) slaves to get their labor done. I wish businesses WANTED to compete on a level playing field to take pride in being the best, not just being the best at using any means necessary to get the price right. What I seem to learn more and more everyday is that it’s not about being nice or doing things with integrity. It’s about perception, strategy, and looking out for “numero-uno.”

    Something about this remind me of an old proverb I heard …I think it’s Somali:

    Me and my clan against the world.
    Me and my family against my clan.
    Me and my brother against my family.
    Me against my brother.

  2. Yea,

    there comes a time to circle the wagons.

    Sure in a perfect world money going out would equal money coming in.
    but we are in a desert and we are the only ones with water. Letting water flow out assuming it will come back as rain makes logical sense, but we could die of thirst waiting for that rain.

    So I am buying an American car, not that it will solve all issues but it is at least one pile of money that will be spent in America, instead of China or Korea.
    maybe when America is strong again we can afford to drive what ever but right now people need work and I want to do my part.

  3. we give them the control with our dollars, we can’t change all at once but if people at least were aware of the problems… we could move in the right direction…

    self discipline is something that is not taught in schools but is the difference between success and failure in most anything people do,,,

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