I never had much use for this low brow art form … partially because it is hard to do and puts your work up to the scrutiny of everyone who looks at it. “that doesn’t look like him!” “I look like that?” “my nose isn’t that big” etc…

but I inherited this task from Fedi the previous staff illustrator. Part of being creative is allowing yourself the space to fail. This is vital to the creative process. When ever you are doing something new you can’t predict if you will get it right the first time, so you need a space to fail. So if you do fail you can try again, and again until you do it right.

Sudsy Malones was a bar/laundrymat in clifton a suburb of ohio. Basically they would book anyone. If you showed up on any given night you and your buddys could play there. Every band started there. We would get up there, to play on a tuesday night for a few drunks and people doing laundry and knock over cymbols, fall over the drum set, break strings, while trying to play our songs we just wrote. I remember playing the opening chords to a song I wrote then forgeting the first line and just staring out at the few people with blank in my head …

but eventually you learn from your mistakes and build up your skills, better then you ever could in a practice space. It was a reality check, but not a complete death if you failed. This space is hard to find at times. Mostly you have to create it in your head.

This is where I was when I started the caricature deal. I had never done one before, but can draw so I just needed to apply my skills to this. I take longer then the people who do this everyday at kings island, but I also ad color and have more specific props … anyway


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