You can always tell a good value if a restaurant is full of old people. Old people are wise and not taken in by shiny new chrome, fancy logos, trends or flair. They are on a fixed income and need to get as much good food for little money. So you see them at McDonald’s for breakfast (great deals for decent uncomplicated food) and Demitrio’s IV for lunch and dinner. The decor is old, with formica and wood textures. It reminds you of your grandma’s house. Which might been seen as a detriment but where did you get the best food as a child? grandma’s! Demitrio’s serves all kinds of food from chili, to gyro’s, to giant double decker sandwiches. for a good price. I have spent twice as much at TGI Friday’s and received half as much …. The waitresses are sweet and hard workers, and the food is fresh. I usually get either the gyro or the turkey club, we have ordered fries but usually the sandwich is huge enough to fill you up. Good place good price!

Demitrio’s IV

4002 Plainville Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45227


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