I will admit it, I love the chipmunks, Alvin, Simon Theodore and their perpetually pissed off owner/dad Dave Seville. The real parent child relationship is capture with the use of animals and cartoons. T.V. sitcoms never capture the abject fury that is unleashed on a regular basis in 99.9% of housholds towards kids. Kids are like wild animals when they are young like mini wild ponies. Beautiful and exciting, but they may poop on the floor at any moment. or break that valuable vase. These things always get handled by T.V. parents with a smirk and a waving finger then a hug. In real life parents jump up and down scream “SHIT” my mother gave me that! then sulk around cursing the kids until 15 minutes later then they make them some dinner and life goes on. Now we all watch the news about the monsters who actually take out their anger on the kids or resent the kids for being kids. That is obviously wrong and those people should be locked up immediately. but I digress.

Chipmunks take songs that seem vapid and stupid when sung by people,but when sung by anthropomorphic chipmunks it makes perfect sense. Music shouldn’t be so serious all the time, it should be fun and people should have fun with it. so get over yourself and let the Chipmunks into your hearts america. we need a little fun right about now.


3 thoughts on “the Chipmunks do it better

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