my daughter noticed my eyes were dilated in the dark mexican restaurant last night and so were my sons, but hers and my wife’s were not. they have lighter eye color than my son and I. This made me wonder. what if your eye color effects how much light gets into your eye? so if that is true, people with blue or light colored eyes are more sensitive to color, so bright colors can be irritating to them. and conversely the opposite is true. people with dark eyes need more vibrant color to be stimulated. So you can see in african cultures and south american cultures the strong use of vibrant colors every where. Darker eyes are more stimulated by bright colors. My wife always liked muted colors and tan and beige colored walls. her eyes are very bright blue. so she would be irritated by color and texture because her eyes would be over stimulated. where as my eyes are a dark hazel color so I am more in the middle and colorful range. My cat has very reflective eyes she must be very sensitive to colors or just sees black and white because color would just flood her brain with too much information. So she evolved into a colorless sighted animal. Ava and I talked about it for a while, interesting ….

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