Here are some illustrations I did for a Fred Richards article in AdWeek. I worked from Fred’s sketches and some of my own, then illustrated them in the IB style in adobe illustrator .. no photoshop!…. It’s cool that this  is my job … I sketch all the time, just moving pens around paper at various times … I used to get in trouble for drawing during class instead of my work … terrible grades …

which makes me wonder … I was watching a show about moguls of hollywood on TCM last night. The leaders of those major studios were not highly educated, 6th grade education for one, drop outs  for others, there are still many things you can’t learn from a book, or professor. Its a dog eat dog world. To be pack leader you have to assert your dominance. I was never one to do that. I think I may be smarter than you average bear, but I lack the constant vigilance to be a pack leader. The fortitude to dig in and bite the neck of the rest of the pack every hour and every minute of every day … the people I know who are successful at it have that drive … or an obsession with power. Even in school men align themselves to a pecking order, you can challenge it but there is always a newer younger dog being born waiting for his chance to take you out … that is the shit part about getting old, after a while you are just like fuck it, you want to do it? go for it… then you are put out to pasture with the other old bulls … eating grass and dreaming of the glory days. Some dogs never get the chance to be pack leader, they always wish they could.. That is why men engage in family making, because among your family, you are usually the biggest, even if you can’t dominate your world, you can dominate a baby. For a while you get to teach them and say I am smarter than you baby! But eventually they grow up and become a smarter younger version of you. and once again you are battling for dominance.

Some people don’t get that at home so they bring it to work, others get it at home and leave work to someone else, then still others never get it and become bitter and old then die of heart attacks. This in a nut shell is the essence of being a man. So women be thankful, you are cherished either way …


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