these are drawings done with a pencil, then scanned into the computer and colored. they are roughs for layout before the final illustrations were to be done. Usually we do multiple roughs to eliminate discussion around weather this should be larger than that . or where is this ingredient? It is a strange business. A plumber doesn’t usually have to do multiple versions of a job in rough form before a final sink is installed. they just pick one from a catalog and stick it in. Visuals are hard for people to imagine and keep track of, Making everything fraught with ambiguity. It is similar to describing music. I could try to tell you what something sounds like, but you really don’t know what Katy Perry sounds like until you hear her. Art in general is an ambiguous term at best. People can’t tell you what it is, or why it is there, they just have a general idea, usually it is something people like to have around. Like a painting or a sculpture. There is no exact purpose to having a picture of paris on the wall. It does not heat the house or contain water to drink. But people in general are a nervous bunch and need security all the time. and maybe looking at paris for a few seconds takes them out of their current dilemma and delivers them somewhere else. It all happens in the mind and soul. Sometimes colors evoke feelings and shapes, but it is different for every one. and entertaining. I am not sure how anyone ever thought that brown polyester was comforting, but for a while in the 70’s people would buy it and wear it around. Over wool and cotton. that time has past though and for that we can all be grateful. the end.


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