here is an illustration of a milkmaid for a yogurt brand. They ended up going in a photographic direction so this goes on the scrap heap. So many of my drawing are for getting across a concept, and don’t actually make it to press. In this case they already had a milk maid they were using and wanted to stick with that…. this is a girl I work with named Jenny Pohlman. She graciously posed for a reference photo then I drew this version from that photo. Line art is easier to reproduce than photos for many reasons. I have always loved line art over photographs. I like to see the lines, the thicks and thins. where the artist puts a dot to represent an eye or a shadow. there were some masters of this art form who are lost to time. Line art is the basest form of illustration. And is the cheapest way to produce a representation of something. Mostly line art is relegated to instruction manuals and back panels. But it can also be the most communicative. A line art illustration can speak to any nationality. There is no language barrier. If you look at lego instructions they are all line art with no words. So they save money by not having to translate their instructions. When I was young I used to build plastic models of various things. I would get the box of parts, and a sheet of paper. With that you could assemble a replica of an old biplane, or a modern jet, a tank, a car or a ship. then you could study the miniature, and see where the people would interact with the object. and imagine it in action. Many times i looked into the box of parts and thought “how the hell will I put this together?” Start with step one, then two, take a break, step three, until you got to the end of the sheet. and before you would be the final product. Almost anything can be accomplished using this method. before you can become what ever you want to be or go where ever you want to go you always have to start with step one.


3 thoughts on “milk maid line art and step one

  1. Couldn’t agree more—although, the first step is often the hardest. Sometimes we need a subtle push to start the momentum. Pulling is no good. Sometimes we roll too fast, out of control. And sometimes—just sometimes—we laugh, when we see where we’ve been and what we’ve accomplished.

    Other times, it’s just best to crush anything in your path, in order to accomplish anything.

    Wait, we were talking about illustrations… I agree with what you said about that too.

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