my last comic was kind of lame but this one makes me laugh, hell no I won’t vote! hell no I won’t vote!

I notice people have a way of being fervently inactive when it comes to politics, they would argue with me for hours on this subject or the next, but rarely do people get involved with their local school boards and even know what the city council is up to. I am of course no exception. I have done some things but nothing to make much of a difference, but then again I don’t throw it in peoples face. maybe when I am old I will run for one of those posts where there is no contenders so they can write that in my obituary, Bart Laube – Water Commissioner.


also the regurgitation of old horrible fashions is always a source of amusement. there are only so many ways jeans can be cut, and I am pretty sure they have all been done. Boot, straight, baggy, skinny, we have really ran out of options, maybe next will be a completely different type of pants and jeans will be gone like the derby or bowler hat. Shoes have also pushed into the ridicules realm. They have springs, air cushions, zig zags, or are sewn from 20 different materials with holes and passage ways through the souls. history will look back at this era as the “crazy shoe” era. The Romans would have thought us mad.


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