sometimes the entertainment world can be pretty transparent, the spice girls was a good marketing effort created around the 90’s or so. it was the basic monkees formula, with some tweeking.

here is how that meeting went:

MGO (Marketing guy one): Hmmmm lets cash in on the whole “girl power” thing that came up in research.”

MGT (Marketing guy two): but women are more complex these days so lets throw in a couple more stereo types for broader market penetration”

MGO: let’s see … how bout one thats into sports?

MGT: what should we call her?

MGO: heck I don’t know – lets think – sports sports sports think sports…

MGT: sporty?

MGO: Brilliant!

MGT: we are geniuses!

MGO: bamm!

MGT: yea buddy!

MGO: ok that’s enough work for today let’s go get trashed!

MGT: you read my mind!


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