this one seemed poignant at the time …

roger miller had just past away. he wrote king of the road. King of the road is one of those classic songs where every word is perfect, simple and clear. It paints a picture of yearning that I have felt from time to time. A yearning for a simple hobo existence . I am sure in real life this would get old fast. the wet socks, the lack of heat in the winter, the constant search for food. but in my mind hobos are always outside on 70 degree sunny days walking down a country lane with no worries or troubles. hobos don’t do taxes or payroll. hobos don’t work all week to pay bills. they just sit around camp fires starring into star filled skys with nothing but the wind at their back and the fresh gusts of air to guide them. getting drunk all day and eating beans with a guy named sticky. ahh that would be the life!


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