My grandma Joos was an old lady named Hilda, she wore her long hair in braids wrapped around her head. she wore an oversized dress never pants, and usually had an apron on wiping her hands. Grandma joos was not very exciting to a young boy, she didn’t play baseball or drive a hot rod. I couldn’t appreciate her during her life. because I couldn’t see beyond my nose. but she was an incredible lady. She never swore or cursed anyone. She had bent legs from living a long hard life. and wobbled a little when she walked. I used to go to her house with my mom and dad on the weekends and stay in a room upstairs. She lived in an old victorian house that seemed as big as a mansion to me. With a long wooden stair case that scared the crap out of me to climb because it turned at the top and I always felt like I walk going to fall backwards. Grandma Joos always had a smile for me and a contentment I wish I could find today. I would go to her house and meet my cousins, aunts and uncles, she was the only one one who would look at me and make me feel loved. I remember just looking at her and she would look at me, we would make eye contact and that magic grandma feeling would make the 3 hour ride through the country on the floor of a stuffy plymouth van worth it.

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